About Khamsin Capital


♦ Khamsin Capital is an SPF holding company registered in Luxembourg. We trade the global financial markets 24/7 and strive to produce exceptional returns for our investors by adhering to mathematical methods and our own brand of aggressive scalping.

♦ We are agnostic in our analysis of the trading day. We have no directional bias. We might short a stock at the open, cover our position and go long the very same stock a couple of minutes later.

♦ Holding periods for a given position can range from two seconds all the way up to several weeks or months.

♦ Our holding company also holds a number of so-called core positions. Those are long term investments and are likely to never be disposed of.

♦ We produce our own research and shun conventional sell-side equity research.

♦ We are contrarians by nature and we are proud of it. When the crowd is running for the exits, we are buying. When the crowd is betting the farm on outrageously overpriced overhyped stocks, we are shorting. When other hedge funds zig, we zag.

♦ We are named named after our founders' appreciation of Maserati's last real supercar: the Maserati Khamsin.